What does a Project Manager actually do?

Well for me its not the usual “manage and co-ordinate trades and contractors onsite”

Far from it. The key roles of a project manager are as follows:

  1. Stakeholder Management – making sure everyone in the project is consulted and communicated with, in accordance with their significance
  2. Risk Management – identification and management of all risks that could impact the project
  3. Setting the project up for success – producing and compiling all the documentation necessary to achieve project success (I call this the baseline)
  4. Controlling project delivery – measuring and managing project performance against the baseline set

These aren’t the only things a project manager does, but these are the fundamentals.

Project management is all about following a tried and tested process for delivering projects.

I use the Successful Project Delivery Blueprint which is based around Global Project Management best practice coupled with my experience of delivering projects from £10k to £4bn.