Isn’t the construction industry incestuous?

You know what I mean, the same names, faces and companies keep popping up.

You also know the “good, the bad and the ugly” within those names, faces and companies too.

It happened to me recently, I know a project that has gone a little bit tits up. Work not completed, disputes, claims, you know the usual shit.

When I found out who the QS was, I laughed.

I had dealt with them before, back when I was a working for a contractor, and they were the client’s representative.

Back then, I did what I always did in those situations, which was to do their job for them, to protect the client despite me working for the other side (by the way I could have took advantage but that’s not how I operate)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance this time though, as I am now only helping the client pick up the pieces.

The problem is, despite companies being national or even global, the support you get is only as good as the individual assigned to your project.

At the beginning, you get a Director, who wins the business, who most certainly can talk the talk. But then the service agreement gets signed and you get assigned someone much more junior, who you later find definitely can’t walk the walk.

Occasionally you might find a diamond, but these are hard to come by, as most realise they can earn a much better living actually providing the same services direct to the client (just like me)