You should be ashamed of yourself

Well not all of you

But you know who you are

You claim to be a “professional” property investor / deal packer / sourcer / developer / insert whatever word the course you have been on told you to write

But you cut corners wherever you can

You post pictures of your refurbs on social media….

Incriminating your blatant disregard to the safety and well being of the workforce you use to deliver your construction work

Constantly seeking out the cheapest price to do everything so that you can maximise the financial gain of your projects

You have no idea about the laws that govern the projects you undertake day to day

For those of you who know I am talking about you, but don’t give a shit, it will catch up to you one day

For the rest of you who want to make a change to the way you deliver projects


Who want to make sure everyone on your projects goes home safe and sound to their families, make sure you understand the fundamental laws that govern the construction projects you are involved in