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Tendering & Procurement

The tendering and procurement phases include the tender strategy, producing tender and contract documents, PQQ, ITT and ultimately contracting with any number of third parties.  This is a fundamental part of the “Set” phase of the project.  A commercially robust tendering and procurement process is fundamental to successful project delivery as in most projects undertaken the majority of works will be contracted to others.

You can use our tendering and procurement services to help you successfully deliver your projects.  We can lead the tendering and procurement for any type and size of project using our in-depth industry knowledge utilising fit for purpose contract types and contract methodologies.  We will commercially protect you from the inherent risks of entering into contract with others.

We have helped our clients by supporting numerous tendering and procurement exercises including tender strategies, prequalification of contractors using PQQs, developing ITT documentation, producing forms of contract, producing pricing documentation, managing the tender process, tender reconciliation, analysis and award.

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Comparison of Contractor Tenders

Review and analysis of Contractor tender returns. We will reconcile all tender returns, prepare a recommendation for award and notify you of the potential risks of selecting any given contractor.

Contractor Tender Support

Bespoke support for your project. This includes development of the tender documentation, pricing document and form of contract to be used. We will manage the entire tender process for you including co-ordinating contractor questions. This will culminate in reconciliation of the tender returns, production of a recommendation and the placement of a contract with the successful bidder.