scaling up and investing


Commercial Conversions are a great strategy for rapidly building your property portfolio.

From one building you can create multiple sources of income; that is because you will be creating multiple units all within the same building. Sometimes you will even leave some of the space as commercial to diversify the investment even further.

But, like with anything, more reward can also bring with it more risk.

That’s why its so important you get Commercial Conversions correct, from the start.

If you have done some refurbs before, specifically on Buy to Lets or HMO conversions, this guide will be the most important document you read.

See, if you walk into a commercial conversion with the same mindset as you had on your smaller scale projects, you are going to fail. In fact, this is the very first mistake we see property investors make when they start with commercial conversions.

Think about the mistakes you have made so far in your property investing journey, especially when carrying out BTL or HMO refurbs. Imagine those mistakes happening on a commercial conversion which is 10x the refurb cost, 10x the duration and 10x the complexity.

Each mistake is magnified. Plus you are entering into a world where you will be engaging with larger construction companies, who can be very commercially aggressive. Again we will cover all of this in the guide.

Basically this guide will show you the ten biggest mistakes we see property investors make


and over

and over again.

So, learn from those mistakes, that way you wont make them on your commercial conversion project.

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