Ultimate Project Delivery Master Class


Intensive 3 day masterclass covering everything you need to successfully deliver any size project for you and your investors.

You will get deep dive tuition on all areas of the Project Delivery Blueprint so prepare yourself for an all-encompassing package of no-nonsense, priceless information, attended by the professionals who want to learn the project delivery secrets and be propelled to a project delivery professional.

During the masterclass we will cover understanding your end goal, scope development and management, setting your project budget, estimating, scheduling, contract strategies, contract types and forms, tendering and procurement, commercial management, forecasting, performance management, EVM and much, much more.

Duration – 3 Days

What You Will Learn

1. How to apply the Successful Project Delivery Blueprint to your projects which means that your skill in delivering to time and budget increase.

2. Get the tools required to accurately estimate your projects which means that your ability to stack and analyse deals increases.

3. Learn how to successfully engage with trades people and contractors which means that you should never pick the wrong contractor again or if you do you are commercially protected.

4. How to track, measure and analyse performance metrics to manage your project delivery performance which means delays and cost over-runs can be planned for and mitigated.

5. Firm understanding of increasing project value which means that ultimately your project delivery will become more profitable.


Yes, all of our guests will be entitled to free parking at both of our venues.

All of our training takes place at a venue located in Merseyside.  The venue is easily accessible by both rail and road.

Yes, a free buffet style lunch will be provided. Any special dietary requirements should be sent over to prior to the event and we will cater for your needs as best as possible.

All our courses are investments into your development as a project delivery professional and it is imperative you come to our events with this mindset in order to fully extract the maximum value from the day.  We focus on delivering value to our clients and when you apply what you learn on the training courses the investment will be repaid many times over.

Accommodation is not included but we recommend some local providers that would be more than happy to service your needs at our negotiated discounted rates.

Our events start at 09:30 to accommodate everyone’s needs. The finish time is dependent on content delivery and questions but most of the training will be done for 17:30, however if this needs to be extended for any reason, there isn’t any issue with doing so.

We will be holding just 6 Successful Project Delivery Secrets events per year with a maximum attendance of just 30 people.  We believe that in order to obtain maximum value from the event, an intimate group of people rather than a large room full, encourages more engagement and will raise more interactive questions and promote cross pollination by observational learning.