Is it just me or does anyone else think Bills of Quants serve little purpose?

I remember thinking this in University. I nearly wrote my dissertation on it, but back then I was too afraid to speak up about stuff for fear of it damaging my career. I am in a different place now, challenge the norm if there is a different way.

Working for a main contractor and pricing their projects I realised that they bore no relation to the way work was estimated.

Unless you used SPONS.

Which we didn’t as we weren’t a clients QS and

Subcontractors hated them

Now, Im not saying we shouldn’t quantify work, as that’s fundamental, but measuring in accordance with SMM or now NRM is beyond me.

Quite often the descriptions make no actual sense to me and I am a QS, so anyone else makes head nor tail of them is a mystery to me.

The thing is, most QS’s will insist that you get a bill of quants done on your project. But the reason isn’t because that is what is best for your project, but because that is the way they have always done it.

The norm.

At Project Control Simplified, we challenge the norm