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Why You Should Choose
Project Control Simplified

Setting Up Projects For Success

Over 60% of projects fail. The main reasons for failure all relate to scope definition. We use an industry best practice technique to ensure that your projects are set up for success. This means you will deliver your project to time and to budget.

Quantity Surveying

There are plenty of QS’s out there who will tell you to do a Bill of Quants and use SPONs to price your projects. We say bullshit to that. We embed our QS services in your business and provide everything a Quantity Surveyor should do.

Project Controls

We have implemented Project Control best practices, procedures and tools into businesses across multiple continents and provided project controls support for over a decade.

We are also members of and accredited by two of the Global Leaders in Project Management and Control, PMI and AACE(i)

Learn Our Secrets

Our training courses focus on making you the best version of yourself. Whether you are; a Project Manager who wants to deliver your own projects, Property Investor who wants to maximise your return on investment or a Quantity Surveyor who wants to build a successful business. We have a training course for you.

We even have a cast-iron guarantee, so you have no risk in taking one of our courses.


Our Aspirations

Our Aim

In short, our aim is to help Property Investors and Developers successfully plan, control and deliver projects to increase time, profitability and freedom. We have seen many projects delivered unsuccessfully and this is as frustrating for us as it is for the client as poor project performance is entirely avoidable.


We are committed to successful project delivery using our Project Delivery Blueprint. We want to help you plan, budget and successfully execute your projects. We want to avoid poor contractor selection, incorrect tendering techniques to avoid the inevitable issues that arise when contracting goes wrong.

Project Control

Controlling your projects shouldn’t be difficult or complicated, we have seen entire ‘cottage industries’ developed around the subject and the reality is this is completely unnecessary.


We operate using the following methodologies:

  1. Broadly right, not accurately wrong
  2. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
  3. In Project Management you are never right, the real question is, how wrong are you?

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